Group classes teach the alignment process and path of authentic manifestation and living. They are designed to give you the road map you need, including a variety of distinctions and practices. Although coaching may be provided, it is at a group level. The information provided and channeled may shift slightly depending on who is in the group.

Upcoming Scheduled WorkshopS

The Alchemy of Living


May 19 & June 2, 2019


We are interested in Creating a life we love.

We are interested in tangibly Manifesting things into our life.

We are interested in having life be easier and more effortless.

We are interesting in tapping into our Intuition & Higher Wisdom.

We are interested in experiencing our fullest Potential.

How do Creation, Manifestation, Alignment, Boundaries, Our Personal Pure Potential, Grounding and Self-Actualization all fit together?

In this workshop, the puzzle pieces come together. We will explore what it is to create our lives, be fully Aligned, and actively realize our higher potential while Manifesting those things in life that will cause our greatest fulfillment and happiness.

This is applicable to our businesses, our work, our finances, our relationships, our health, our self-expression, and our experience of living.

This workshop provides exercises, distinctions and meditations to add to your toolbox, and channeled content and space that allows for each person’s transformational shift.


Date Options: Sunday, May 19th or Sunday, June 2nd
(Choose between either date)

Time: 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Location: Purcell’s Cove

(address provided upon registration)

Cost: $150 CAD

Reservation required

Here are some suggestions to make your experience even better...

Please bring:
a notebook & pen
a good lunch that won’t make you sleepy (we’ll take a break)
a long sleeved shirt or sweater in case you get chilly

Please prepare by:
Eating a good breakfast
Plan for traffic & finding parking


Testimonials from past participants of a 6-week course:

“Aria’s course changed my whole life. I can now live from my soul, which expanded my capacity to manifest easily and feel more relaxed like never before. The tools Aria gives are life altering in different ways. Thank you.” ~Suzanne

"The most powerful course I have ever taken! I loved this course. I truly got and learned how to manifest powerfully, and I am now soaking in the results of weight loss, money, and new career avenues because of this course. If interested, please check her out. I recommend it to everyone who is ready for their next transformation in their life." ~Kevin

“Aria is an angel. And she has opened a universe for me that I new about, but did not have access to in any way. The program [course] was an amazing experience, and I am very grateful for having participated! Highly recommended.” ~Stefan

"[This] manifestation mastery class is amazing. I have LITERALLY manifested every big and ridiculous thing I've set my mind to since learning the way. If you want to change your life, take her course!" ~Leah

"When I first decided to attend this course, I just didn't know if I believed it was real - or if it could work for me. I'm such a rational person, it was so hard to overcome the idea that it was just voodoo. But, life was feeling overwhelming and confusing, and I just couldn't see what the next steps were for me... I finally just said "Why not?" Looking back, I'm just so glad I took the course. At first, I found the tools to be simply helpful in finding peace and calm in my life. But then, by practicing the coursework in between sessions, I found out it was more than just psychotherapy or life coaching.... there was some real "magic" going on. Stuff started happening that would be totally impossible to explain as coincidence, not just for me but everyone in the class! For myself, I discovered a source of internal power I never thought possible, and now I know I can tap into it for the rest of my life. If you're looking for that yourself, don't wait to take this course!" ~Doug


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