Self-Actualization & Alignment

…your potential, your purpose, your gifts, your business, your work, your finances, your relationships, your self-expression, your whole experience of living and being.

Self-Actualization:  The achievement of one's full and highest potential.

Alignment:  Being in direct connection and integrated with your own highest consciousness and path.


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Halifax, May & June


Life Consulting

Private sessions and Coaching

The goal is grounded living in your body, fully self-actualized, connected to and expressing your greatest potential, ultimately free of primary emotional pain, limiting consciousness, and energetic interference. This is you in Alignment with your Highest Path and Highest Self.



"The most powerful course I have ever taken! I loved this course. I truly got and learned how to manifest powerfully, and I am now soaking in the results of weight loss, money, and new career avenues because of it. If interested, please check her out. I recommend it to everyone who is ready for their next transformation in their life." ~Kevin Koh


Business Consulting & Leadership Coaching

Whether you are a sole proprietor just starting out, or a large business with many employees, we strategically go to work on fulfilling your goals and vision by disappearing limitations to velocity, adding possible structures, creating expansion, and having each individual expressing their own unique leadership blueprint. This is achieved through executive coaching or group workshops depending on your needs as an organization.


Conscious Business Practices


“I wanted to write and thank you for your immediately impactful and amazingly effective advice and insights in your workshop yesterday! I’ve been using the tools with amazing results so far today. Thank you!” ~Melanie Little


Upcoming Workshops & Programs


Words to Inspire

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What They Say…

The best way to describe Aria’s readings is life-changing.
— Persida Matei

Every time I meet with Aria I leave feeling like the best me I have ever been, ready to take on my world.
— Alysha Baker

My session with Aria was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.
— Anthea Kerou

Since our session I have had less anxiety and have experienced myself seeking, discovering and doing things that bring me joy and pleasure.
— Nina O'Neil

It is as if Aria handed me a little bag of tools and messages ...to keep me in line with the highest potential of my soul.
— Eileen

Aria has magic. Clarity. Calm. She helped me exceed my own goals — then on to exceed higher and higher goals that I laughed out loud at when we started. All accomplished. She’s the real deal.
— Holly Cocco

Her advice gives you the ability and power to make the best choices that will resolve whatever needs to be resolved.
— Cathy Bridges

..The most valuable asset, in my mind, is that she has aided in restoring hope in the human race.
— Cat Steir

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